Nov 1, 2011


Especially For you mom, . . .

Angel, angel of mine...
This memory of you makes me want to cry
Since you slipped away, you're always on my mind
Why did you have to fly away like that?

Remember those stormy nights?
I would always run to you, and you'd hold me tight
Whispering soothing words, you'd say it'd be alright
And then, suddenly, the sun started to shine

Remember those sunny days?
I wish they hadn't passed away
It's true what my grandma used to say
I didn't know what I had until I lost your face
Now I can only feel in my dreams your kiss, your touch,
your soft embrace...

I wish I were strong enough
And get in my head that you're already gone
But your memory won't leave me alone

I miss you so much, mom... 29.10.2005

And i always pray for you 

Aamiin J

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